Rethinking the Van Design Part 22 – Refitting the Skylight

The frame being built around the skylight

The frame being built around the skylight.


As discussed in the last article I had, at last, fully lined the roof; a job which I’d wanted to get done for a very long time. It had been difficult and certainly not something I could have done alone easily. Thankfully my dad was around to help and it took us the best part of a whole day to complete the work.

One of the reasons it took so long was because we had to figure out how to fit the skylight’s interior panel flush with the roof and how deep the recess between its two collars needed to be.

As with much of the campervan conversion, exact science was not applied; there was a lot of estimation and, dare I say, luck, involved in the final outcome.

The skylight is an element we had to get exactly right otherwise there was the risk of damp, and drafts, both of which go a long way to countering the purpose of lining the roof in the first place. I still had the template from the original installation so after a quick set of measurements (the inner frame’s distance from the new box section at the back which would form the basis of all measurements).


The skylight fitted into its roof panel

Here's the skylight in its fitted position with the roof panel also fixed in place.


The next phase was to build a frame of slats around the skylight that would be used to hold the inner frame in place so we used the same wood as for the rafters in order to keep things consistent. The hardboard panel for that section had to be measured and the template then came into play. After the hole was cut we went through a process of offering the inner frame up to each stage of construction to make sure we were on the right track.

The final piece was fixed in place and the inner frame was fitted using longer screws. The result was a tidy finish, plenty of light and a huge chunk of relief that a tricky and time consuming job was out of the way.

The roof lining episode is covered in part 21 which you can read by clicking here.

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