Rethinking the Van Design Part 23 – The Living Room Table

The living room table

A seating area and a table; the van was becoming increasingly useful as a living space.



The major pieces of the remap were almost at an end with the insulation and panelling of the ceiling and I was able to sit down after a clear up and take stock of the new space I had at my disposal.

The L-Shaped seating area was fixed in place, the bed panelled and waiting for its mattress and the kitchen was fixed in, plumbed in and ready to have doors fitted. The most important thing for me though was the seating area and table; something we lacked last time out.

I had made the table from 18mm flooring with tongue and groove edges which made the job a whole lot easier as I only needed to fix a cross piece underneath to hold it all together and give us enough leg room when sat down.

I’d bought a caravan table leg which consisted of two receptacles (one for the floor and one fixed to the table top) and a chrome pole with tapered ends. To fit the floor receptacle I had to drill through the laminate flooring, the metal floor of the van, seal the metal and treat it with anti-corrosion paint before using the excellent boat window sealant and some hefty screws to hold it in place.

I fitted the top receptacle to the underside of the table top and then dropped it all into place. Voila! Instant living room.

The use of space was pleasing and I’d factored in easy access to front and back by cutting a section out of the table. To finish it I sanded all the edges and built a little area next to the couch which the table top slotted into perfectly so we could have more floor space when needed.

I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the couch with the table in place, reading The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz while hurtling along under the sea on the Eurotunnel in the most relaxing circumstances possible.

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