Rethinking the Van Design Part 24 – The Importance of Space

Creating a living space


Our van was not the biggest of panel vans to begin with and I had to endure several months of “If only we had three more feet” prior to the remap. Space was at a premium and my original and rushed design lacked any really usable areas or versatility.

The raised bed in the new look campervan offered a lot more storage opportunities and the L-shaped couch also had room underneath for plenty of knick-knacks in plastic tubs.

Versatility was the key issue really; we wanted a space to live in if needed, to relax, move about, do a bit of yoga or a place to sit and read, eat prepare food or even entertain visitors on rare occasions.

The L-Shaped sitting area had been the main reason for a complete refit as having lived in the van for six months we knew what would work for us. After shuffling paper and cut-outs for several days I came up with a set of plans that would give us all we need- space being the most important issue.

The van was basically stripped down into three areas: Living room, kitchen and bedroom. It may sound strange to say that as it’s basically a studio apartment on wheels but that was how I got my head around what we needed.

The end result was a terrific living space which put a smile on everyone’s face; something I’d hoped it would evoke.

The acid test would be my three days travelling between England and Spain via France and it stood up to expectations. The bulkhead’s removal allowed in more light and allowed easy access from the cabin to the living area while the L-Shape proved comfortable and the bed, while a little high, was far more enjoyable thanks to the extra few inches of headroom I’d squeezed out of it.

So all in all the new remap was a success and with more space than some sought after studio apartments in Hoxton I felt I had found a good balance between function and liveability.

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