Rethinking the van Design Part 25 – Fitting the Table Receptacle Into the Floor

Preparing to cut the floor hole


I know I’ve already written about the table, living room space and L-Shaped couch but I never actually covered how I fitted the table receptacle in the floor of the van and how much patience I had to employ to get the job done.

Well, here it is; My guide to fitting a caravan table leg receptacle in a campervan conversion.

I’d spent quite a lot of time researching tables and snooping around inside other people’s vans to get an idea of what I’d be up against. There were wide ranging variations on a theme and in my mind I’d already seen them all.

I settled on the idea of a single leg which fitted into a receptacle in the floor and under the table top. You can read all about that bit by clicking here.

The make it happen I knew I’d have to drill holes in the floor and probably through the metal as well. I’d also have to be careful not to drill through the diesel tank as that would be extremely expensive. And twattish.

I measured a sensible distance from the L-shaped couch and drew a diagonal line equidistant from each seat, then measured the diameter of the receptacle and marked a site for drilling. The hole size was too big for my hole cutters so I’d have to drill a series of holes then cut between them.

It actually took longer than I expected because the metal floor beneath was, as I’d figured, not far enough below the wooden floor to allow the receptacle to fit flush so I was going to have to drill through the metal too.

I found out that there is a gap of a few inches between the top of the diesel tank and the underside of the van floor so I had no worried about drilling through it, I just had to get on with it.


The fitted table leg receptacle

The fitted table leg receptacle complete with squidgy boat sealant.


After about an eternity of making holes, making bigger holes then making biggest holes I had my gaping receptacle wound. I tested it and all was good as it slid happily into place. I marked the screw holes then treated the metal of the body with anti-rust paint before lining the collar of the table leg receptacle with the excellent boat window sealant, dropped it into place, screwed it in tight and left it overnight.

The next day I had table in place and made myself a cup of tea with my 12v kettle to celebrate.

The bottom line again was good planning and research before even making a mark.

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