Rethinking the Van Design Part 3 – Solid Planning is Essential


I realise that the first time I designed the van I kind of rushed in where angels fear to tread and made some errors. This time around I know my planning has to be completely solid before even a single screw is undone or piece of wood is cut.

It may seem like a mundane task to plan things out when you have all those strong ideas buzzing around your mind and talking about planning is even more mundane but it needs to be done.

I’ve spent the past few days looking at every little segment of the process needed to rearrange the inside of the van, from what needs to be unscrewed to move the kitchen, what needs rebuilding to house the sofa, where I can fit drawers in for clothes to whether I can squeeze a wood burner in or not.

As a result I now have RSI.

After several paper sketches and doodles with meaninglessly encrypted annotations the first step is to measure the total interior space, how much room the sofa will take up, how high the bed needs to be and how much space the kitchen will take up.

Yeah, the first day of refitting is an easy one; a casual stroll around the inside of the van with a tape measure and note pad. Not so exciting I guess but it means the work is underway and the new look interior is a single step closer.

Once you start down the path of refitting you stumble upon so many more things that need attention, adding or removing in order to progress. For instance, to remove the bulkhead I need to move the kitchen unit out of the way completely and to rehouse that I have to move the safe and chest of drawers. Nothing is as simple as it seems but with the right planning it will go smoothly.

I also have to measure the ceiling area to know how much insulation and wood panelling is required. I’m then faced with the question of fitting a wood burner now or leaving I until later in the year. Decisions, decisions.

So the crux of this stream of consciousness is that I need to plan rigorously to make sure that the installation goes as smoothly as possible. Why didn’t I just say that to start with?

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