Rethinking the Van Design Part 4 – Making Use of Space


My notepad was awash with numbers, doodles and notes which all pointed towards something that only I could decipher. I’m expecting the CIA to come calling soon as my encryption skills are so good that even I don’t know what I’m talking about.

The next phase of developing the interior and making it cosy would involve the removal of several well installed features; some by me but one in particular by Renault – the bulkhead.

I had spent many hours trawling the internet for information on how best to tackle the issue as we both felt its removal was a vital part of the new design.

The information that came back about removing our well fixed Renault Master bulkhead was everything from, “Don’t, the van will fall apart,” to, “You need specialist gear like plasma cutters and welders.”


The bulkhead of our Renault Master (left) was coming out but first the kitchen had to be removed. Enough was enough.


I didn’t have that stuff but nor was I deterred so I went and asked a few Renault specialists who all assured me that the bulkhead was not an essential part of the structure and could be removed easily with a size 16mm spanner and a drill.

“That’s more like it,” I thought.

Before getting into the details of the bulkhead’s removal I think I should explain that for six months we had to exit the van to get into the living area and that was a lot of a pain. Furthermore, our hairy progeny, Sweep, hates being stuck in the front of the cab; he’s a dog and dogs love space, fresh air, running around and playing ‘backy roundy’.

On top of all that there would be a sense of more space, improved light and the option to sit in different places while travelling. Except for the driver of course.

These are the reasons I took the plunge and in the next article I’ll explain how I removed the bulkhead from our Renault Master and gave us a huge injection of space in the back.

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