Rethinking the Van Design Part 5 – Removing the Bulkhead (at last)


With the knowledge that a drill and 16mm spanner were all I needed to improve my life dramatically I excitedly returned home and surveyed the scene.

One kitchen stood between me, the removal of the Renault Master bulkhead and a life of easy movement between cabin and living space, not to mention Sweep’s freedom and autonomy while travelling.

The kitchen removal job is covered in the next article but I’m doing this arse about face in the hope that anyone who had the same trauma as me about removing the bulkhead will find it and also feel a great sense of liberation and a slightly better return on their miles per gallon by following my instructions.

So, let’s assume I’ve removed the kitchen and I’m now faced with a bare bulkhead wall. Either side of the bulkhead are black rivets; five each side. At first I though these were bolts that required Allen keys (not Alan Keyes – the American political activist) but I was mistaken.

My first job was to drill through these with a 10mm drill bit. They popped out very easily and the wall didn’t move.


Drilling out the rivets took a few minutes and offered no problems.


Along the top and bottom of the bulkhead are a series of bolts with a 16mm head. One ratchet spanner and a bit of effort had these off in a few minutes meaning that pulling the bulkhead away from its glued position was all that stood between me and daylight.

I advise you to pull the wall from the bottom as the glue is firmer at the top. It came out very easily and immediately found itself on ebay along with the strip of bolts which is fixed to the ceiling with 5 posi-drive bolts.

The aftermath looked like this:


With the bulkhead out there is so much more light. Next to go is the bench seat which we'll replace with a single seat.


I have driven the van since and found no difference in the stability or handling of the vehicle and as ours is the high top version there is a metal strut which runs the width of the van across the top of the bulkhead giving it plenty of structure.

Bottom line: have no fear when removing the bulkhead of a 2006 Renault Master.

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