Rethinking the Van Design Part 7 – Down to Business


With a lovely big space in the van it was time to get down to the nitty gritty of actually putting some more ideas on paper. I find that the more involved I get in the design schematics the longer I can put off doing the physical labour bit. It’s a trick I learned a long time ago and it still serves me well.

The brief for the new improved van was to maintain space, make it cosy and usable as well as more homely.

I had a look at a lot of other vans while we were travelling the wilds of Spain and always made mental notes of how things looked, worked, etc so that if I ever made changes to our Denny I’d be equipped with a better grasp of van dynamics.

The main issue was squeezing as much comfort into the space available while still keeping floor and movement space so I figured we’d need to raise and narrow the bed, reduce the width and depth of the kitchen while still keeping it workable and putting in a sofa which would not only serve as a seat but also somewhere to snuggle up, because let’s be honest, we all love a snuggle.

The bed, for obvious reasons, had to stay where it was but I designed a new frame for it and a bunch of storage solutions beneath it which would use the space better. I made the frame the exact same width as the mattress and raised it so that the mattress top would be level with the recessed panels either side at the back. This would give us about 10cm more headroom.

The kitchen was to switch sides of the van and to make sure we still had a decent amount of workspace I adapted the fold up shelf to fit on the end of the counter. It would open part way across the side door but still left ample room to get in and out of the van without the need for any shimmying.

Finally, the couch would go where the kitchen used to be and the wood burner was given provisional space between the end of the couch and the bed.

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