Rethinking the Van design Part 8 – Building a New Kitchen


Under the new ‘more space, more usable’ brief I set to work on the new kitchen design. It seems funny to think of different modules as whole rooms in a van, which is basically one room for everything (and still has more space then some bedsits in London, better views and a fraction of the cost).

The kitchen is a major part of our life so I had to be sure I got it right. We spend plenty of time preparing food so the workspace needed to be as big as possible in a confined area. Luckily we were dispensing with the Carver Cascade 2 water heater as we only used it once. That meant we’d have more room underneath and that I could happily reduce the width of the frame.

We required certain things for better culinary living so the kitchen itinerary reads as follows:

  • Drawers for cutlery, the hand held blender, tea towels, hand towels and random stuff like washing line and matches.
  • A good, clear work surface.
  • The sink and the cold tap (the hot tap is being disconnected).
  • Room underneath for the fresh water tank.
  • Room underneath for the fridge.

I decided to build a cupboard above the kitchen for plates, dishes and other ‘crockery’.

The main thing was to design something which could be built away from the van and then put in place in one go, fastened to the floor and walls, and basically treated as a modular design. The same goes for the couch but that’s another article.

The frame would be built out of 45mm sq pine so it’s light but durable and the work surface cut down to match the new size, keeping it compact but very useful. The other feature is the sink; our lovely old ceramic basin which needs to be seen, an idea factored into the new kitchen.

The next article will cover the building process but please let us know if you found this helpful by leaving a comment or talk about if on our forums by clicking here.

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