Rethinking the Van Design – Removing the Kitchen in Pictures



Here’s a quick look at how the kitchen disappeared and a lovely new space appeared to allow the new look interior to happen. Space was used badly before but it was a very quick job. This time we have the benefit of having lived in the van so we know what we need/don’t need to make it useful and more comfortable.



This was the layout before the bulkhead was removed. It was ok but not ideal as we'd have been better off with seats in that location.


The shelf was removed along with all the hooks and what-not on the bulkhead.


Next up I removed the panels and drawers. Dirty.


And the bones were revealed.


With the fridge removed I could get to the plumbing and wiring which came out in record time.


The final piece to remove was the Carver Cascade 2 water heater. Once removed I was able to rid the van of the bulkhead too. Hurrah!


You can read about the bulkhead removal by clicking here.


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