Rethinking the van Design – Removing the Passenger Seats in Pictures

Removing the seats is a pretty straightforward job and all you'll need is a 16mm socket/spanner and a bit of grunting.


The Renault Master passenger seats are held in place by five bolts which will shift with a bit of effort.


Here you can see three of the bolts and about six months worth of crap which has gathered under there.


The bolts are about two inches long.


The Renault Master passenger seats have two bolts at the front and three at the back.


The seats still in place - rear view. You can see how narrow the gap is between seats. There's no way I'd fit my chunky thighs through that little crevice.


And from the front (side)...


And ta-daaaaaaaaaa! It's gone.


I love the space and want to make the most of it. I'm thinking herbaceous border and sweet potato plot. Or a single passenger seat. Tough choice.


Read the non-pictorial guide to removing the Renault Master passenger seats by clicking here.

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