Rethinking the Van Design – The Bed Panel in Pictures

It started with some patient, precision cutting out


As mentioned in my previous article on panelling the bed (click here to read it) I was always unhappy at the lack of trim and finishing in the van so when I stumbled upon some tongue and groove flooring my heart leapt with joy, rainbows cast across the sky, birds sang and beautiful flowers flourished on every tree in the vicinity.

Alright that was an exaggeration but I was pretty chuffed and buzzing with ideas.


I stockpiled an arsenal of panels ready for gluing and fitting.


I added some additional framework under the bed to fix the panels to. The frame was made from 45mm sq timber.


And the first panel was fitted in place. Doesn't it look lovely there...


Here's a closer look at the bed panel. I just wanted to share its awesomeness with you all.


The gate having a lie down before actually becoming a gate. It fitted perfectly, thanks for asking.


There’s more to come on the finish of the van but for now this is all you get. Please let us know if you found this useful by leaving a comment or talk about it on our forums by clicking here.

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