Rethinking the Van Design – The New Bed in Pictures

The new bed frame in pride of place. This si the story of how it got there. Once upon a time...


I covered the philosophy behind and the building of the new bed frame in another post (CLICK HERE) so here’s a gallery of it happening. It is basically a good quality, oversized pallet supported by wall brackets and stilts. The total height is 90cm which allows for plenty of storage underneath.


As you can see here the frame is very sturdy with a set of bed slats adding extra strength and support. There's a central beam which also makes the whole thing more rigid. The bed is positioned so that when the mattress is on top we'll gain around 10cm more headroom; something we struggled with before. Tangly legs and diagonal sleeping can get a bit uncomfortable.


This angle shows the bed from the rear of the van. You can see the stilts which are fixed with 75mm screws and L-shaped brackets. The base of the stilts have angle brackets front and back to make sure nothing moves.


Here's a close up of the L-shaped bracket. It's pretty simple, fairly inconspicuous and does what it's supposed to.


Here's the angled bracket at the base of the stilt. There's one the other side as well. They're not going anywhere in a rush.


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