Review of Ferreira Capa pasteleria and restaurant – Braga

Ferreria Capa cafe - Braga (2)

Review of Ferreira Capa pasteleria and restaurant – Braga

Rua dos Capelistas, 50
Braga, Portugal

Ferreira Capa is a cake shop and restaurant with a touch of glam in the center of Braga. Let’s face it all those delightful religious buildings and whatnots can get a little much, especially when it’s summer (or winter, autumn or spring) and what better way to cool off / warm up / sit down and take the weight of your bones than a cake and a juice or a coffee and a cookie or a pastry and a coffee… or whatever.

Ferreira Capa’s location is grand and the interior is pseudo elegant with flocked wallpaper and a massive glass cabinet that houses all sorts of delights from ice cream to cakes to pastries to puddings to cookies.

If you are hungry for something other than cakes and pastries then they serve sandwiches from €1.45, with a vegetarian option that costs €3.10 and salads such as chicken salad; fresh cheese salad or fruit salad.

If you want to eat something sweet then there are waffles and crepes served hot or cold with fillings or toppings such as ice cream, cream and hot chocolate; or create your own from a variety of options such as icing sugar, honey, ice cream, hot chocolate, almonds, compote and cream.

What attracted me to Ferreria Capa is the juices and milkshakes. The former costing just €2.10 and the latter €2.30. You can choose from pineapple, acerola, mango, passion fruit, strawberry, papaya and cashew fruit. Sizes are good and they don’t appear to be too watered down – yes, you can actually taste some of the fruit you asked for – which is a bonus.

Ferreria Capa cafe, Braga - fresh OJ and mango cheesecake

Ferreria Capa cafe, Braga – fresh OJ and mango cheesecake

If it’s winter and you fancy something warming then they have a range of hot chocolates from ‘of the house’ which costs €2 to variations such as mint, caramel, orange, hazelnut, cinnamon or light. These cost €2.20.

They also have a range of herbal teas such as house green, green mint, jasmine, red fruits, early grey, China tea and rooibos.

The prices are good, the service professional and friendly and with the outdoor terrace you can bring your four legged friend or friends if you are lucky enough to have one or a smelly boyfriend or girlfriend if you have one of those.

Ferreira Capa is a great meeting point and a good spot for snacks and a drink, whatever the weather.

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