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El Raval

You’d think with all the Central Americans taking up residence in Barcelona that you’d be able to find some of the best and most authentic Mexican fodder outside of Mexico itself. Strangely, not true. I’ve tried a number of Mexican restaurants in and around Barcelona and I’ve always been at least a little bit disappointed.

Rosa del Raval is probably the least disappointing I’ve tried, but it is easily surpassed by Mexican food I’ve eaten in both the US and UK.

The décor in Rosa del Raval is striking. Camp and brightly coloured with emphasis on bright green, pink, yellow and blue. Everywhere you look you are bombarded by bright colour. It feels very Dia del Muerto and is an exciting atmosphere to find yourself in.

The food isn’t dreadful, it’s edible in fact. And the service is good and quick. If you are hankering for a fajita then this place is worth a shot. They also have a handful of outdoor tables on the pavement if the sun is shining or if you want to smoke or have a four-legged friend with a penchant for nachos with you.

They serve gorgeously sharp and twisted mojitos that take your eyelids off. More than three and you’ll lose control of your sensory motor functions and end up wearing your food. And you probably won’t even realise it.

They have a menu-del-dia Monday to Friday between 13hrs and 16hrs for €9.

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