Ruta de las Villas – Benicassim

Ruta de las Villas - Benacassim


At the beginning of the 20th century the Mediterranean beaches began to attract visitors who came to the warm coasts in order to bathe. Rich folk would head to beaches such as those in Benicassim in Catalonia in order to vacation during the summer. Bathing in seawater was recommended for many ailments and as a cure for diseases.

ruta de las villas - Catalonia

The Rutas de las Villas is a stretch of coast in Benicassim that attracted the middle classes, artists, and the literary during the 40s and began to buy up land and erect seaside villas so that they might indulge themselves during the long hot Spanish summers.
Villa in Benicassim
Some of the buildings are still lived in and clearly lovingly cared for, whereas some have been left to disrepair giving them an air of otherworldlyness, whilst others still have been kindly remodelled by Neanderthal vandals who felt that their amendments were pertinent and sympathetic to the original architectural designs. Well done them.


villa in Benicassim

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