Ruta Pedro Antonio de Alarcon, Andalucia

Mulhacen as seen from the Ruta Pedro Antonio de Alarcon

The Alpujarras are a hikers dreamland with walks that challenge and accommodate every level of walker. One of the less taxing but nonetheless highly enjoyable routes is the Ruta Pedro Antonio de Alarcon which can be picked up by walking south out of Torvizcon along the river bed.

The walk takes you along the river bed, climbing very gradually towards its source in the mountains and presents you with a visual feast every step of the way with bright flowers including poppies ad wild strawberries as well as the cool, shallow flowing water of the river.

Ahead the peaks of the mountains loom like green teeth taking bites out of the clouds while behind the view is dominated by Mulhacen and its white top that dominates both land and sky. Ruta Pedro Antinio de Alarcon is worth taking for this single view alone and I could have sat all day admiring the vista of the highest peak in mainland Spain.

A myriad of bird varieties swooped about the lower reaches while high above vultures soared; their tell-tale ‘fingers’ reaching out from the end of their impressive wing spans as they watched every tiny movement on the ground far below.

Poppies growing along the Ruta Pedro Antonio de Alarcon.

Poppies growing along the Ruta Pedro Antonio de Alarcon.

Huge grasshoppers the size of locusts hop in the tall grasses beside the river and bees swarm around a plethora of multicoloured flowers and their diversity of petal shapes.

The place is alive and buzzing with energy and goodness. From the rest stop beneath a twisted tree to the horse paddocks and beyond, Ruta Pedro Antonio de Alarcon will keep you enthralled for a good long while and as it also has plenty of opportunity for wild camping (in a tent) there is scope for further exploration.

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