SA Gelateria de Menorca – ice cream and snacks – Barcelona


El Raval

Taking over the premises that was once inhabited by Organic, SA Gelateria is an upmarket artesan-made ice-cream parlour that comes from the nearby island of Menorca.

The ice cream comes in many flavours from hazelnut, pina colada, lemon, yogurt and cherry, coffee, cinnamon, Baileys, chocolate, chocolate and orange, chocolate and rum, mandarin and cava, mint, coconut, cream and fruit, cream and nuts, crème Catalana, and that’s just to name a few.

There are also diet versions such as chocolate, vanilla, yogurt, and strawberry.

Ice creams come in three sizes: small, medium and double and you can choose between one or two scoops. So the cheapest (small with one scoop) will cost you €2.30 whilst the double with two scoops will cost a heftier €5.80 but is easily big enough for two to share or for one bulimic.

You can also buy by the ½ or full litre for either €7.50 or €15.00 respectively, if you have a dinner party or are an exceptionally unhappy bulimic

When it’s really really hot you can get Horchata (a strange Spanish drink made from nuts and sugar which you will either love or hate), or lemon granizado (think snow cones) or sangria.

If you’ve less of a sweet tooth then they have warm, fresh empanadas and Spanish omelette and also have potato fries and olives, but really, this place is all about the ice creams.

The interior is very clean and classy and there are a few tables for you to sit at and watch stuff go by whist you are devouring your ice cream.
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