Sa Tuna; a Hill Climb in Pictures



The bay at Sa Tuna is home to a huge selection of yachts, cruisers and catamarans, as well as being a playground for divers and kaykers.


The pathway to the top of the hill is being built at the moment and Sweep stopped off to leave his calling card on this stone circle.


The lower reaches of the walk are shaded by trees which offer welcome relief from the blazing sun.


Climbing above the trees, the beauty of the coastline becomes more evident.


Yachts sit idly in the bay, waiting for their crews to seek adventure or tranquility on the waves.


The monument is clearly visible from the surrounding countryside and beaches. The views from here are terrific.


Overlooking Sa Tuna this old guardian would have thousands of stories to tell.


Sa Tuna, as seen from the monument.


And my favourite thing, a tree blown into shape by winds and time. It appears petrified but is still flourishing nicely.


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