Sa Tuna, Costa Brava, Catalunya


Having spent three days in Begur we decided to explore the coast around the area and the first place we came across was Sa Tuna; a lively little pocket of existence tucked away in one of the many rocky coves along the Costa Brava.

Sa Tuna shares its Mediterranean doorstep with the smaller but equally lively Aiguafreda and both are frequented by the yachting, fishing, diving and kayaking fraternities.

A cluster of houses line the edge of the cliffs down towards the water where pathways have been cut to create a walk all the way around the coast and up into the hills. The beach at Sa Tuna is a busy place and understandably so; its clear waters are among the most inviting in Spain and the sand isn’t the offensively fine stuff which you’re still picking out of your undercarriage four days later. No amount of bathing or showering can deal with some sand.

There are of course the obligatory restaurants, cafés and geleterias which occupy the beach front and the little square beside them often plays host to musical events, cabarets and circus type acts. On the days we visited a group had built a stage and were entertaining the many children running about in true children fashion.

There is also a little nick-knack shop just behind the beach where you can buy snacks, sweets and tourist trinkets.

The monument with its missing head stone is an excellent landmark and viewing spot.


Behind the pueblo you can find the entrances to cliff top walks which give you access to some stunning views across the coastline, where yachts frolic on the placid sea. The thigh straining climb leads to a monument on the aerie which at first seems a long way up but if you’re fit it should only take ten minutes at most from the beach. The lower reaches are sheltered by trees and it’s worth the climb, but be careful as the ground is well walked and treacherous nearing the monument and slippage will definitely occur.

The pathway leading up to the aerie is currently being reconstructed which will make matters much easier and safer. Once completed a picnic on the hill would be a well spent afternoon before cooling off in the cold, refreshing Mediterranean.

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