Sabinilla, Costa del Sol, Andalucia

Ornate tiles adorn the streets of Sabinilla, Costa del Sol, Andalucia.

Sabinilla at the far west reaches of the Costa del Sol was an unexpected find that turned out to be a perfect slice of coastal resort without the heavy burden of tourist masses. Situated roughly 20km south-west of Estepona and 25km from Gibraltar it is an ideal base for exploring the local area.

At first there didn’t seem to be much to Sabinilla but a little exploration unearthed a quietly buzzing gem that is brought to life by the indigenous folk; most of which are supposedly relocated Gypsies.

Like many Spanish coastal towns, Sabinilla is only three streets deep from the busy A-7 to the sea but it stretches around three kilometres along the coastline and crams in a beautiful array of buildings, decorations, hotels, cafes, tabernas and other visual delights.

The narrow streets of the centre and the similarly small looking houses which are decorated with colourful Moorish style tiles, hanging baskets, heavy wooden beams and cute balconies where old folk sit to watch the world go by, are almost Lilliputian in their ways. It is here that the Romany Gypsies reside and their community is one of vibrancy and colour.

The seafront is a gaggle of ice cream parlours, restaurants, coffee houses, bars and there are even a few kiosks in people’s houses where you can buy snacks and sweets. At the centre of the promenade is an odd statue of a man dragging a fish in one hand and extending the other towards the sky. It is abstract in its design and forms a great focal point on the Sabinillan mantelpiece; a reminder of the town’s roots as a fishing village.


The church square at Sabinilla, Costa del Sol, Andalucia

The pretty church square at Sabinilla, Costa del Sol, Andalucia - Modern, yet traditional.


It is a lovely town with modern facilities that somehow still maintains a traditional feel. The people are friendly enough and you have just about everything you need for a comfortable stay. The beaches are excellent and the sea is inviting. If you’ve never heard of Sabinilla before and you want a beach holiday without the heavy commercialisation of other Costa del Sol towns then you should seriously consider a stay there. If the idea appeals you can book a hotel in the area by clicking here.

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