Sabores Gelados ice cream and drinks, Braga – review

Rua Do Souto

This place is difficult to miss if you are wandering around Braga taking in religious monuments etc. It’s on a busy corner and sells cold drinks – which, when it’s 33 degrees or so you’ll be oh so very glad of.

Drinks available are ice cold granizados (aka slush puppies) with a large choice of flavours from pineapple, lemon, kiwi fruit, mango and strawberry (lemon is my favourite) and ice creams batidos (milk shakes) such as strawberry, raspberry and mango.

Other drinks available at Sabores Gelados include fresh lemonade, limeade or strawberryade (freshly made before your eyes with a stack of sugar, ice and fresh fruit) and fruit smoothies such as pineapple, banana, mango, fruits of the forest, strawberry and kiwi, or peach or milk-based smoothies using the above ingredients plus milk.

They also have dirty milk shakes made with Kit-Kat or your choice of ice cream.

Ice creams are available in either cones or pots and cost from €1.50. There are a choice of flavours such as pistachio, chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry, stracciatella, chocolate and mint, Maltesers, mango and vanilla.

If you are hungry for something other than just sugar they also serve waffles and crepes that start from €1.50 for a simple crepe and savoury crepes with tuna, cheese, ham and seafood and these cost €3.90. Or they have baguettes filled with butter; nutella; cheese; cheese, egg, ham and salad; chicken and salad and mixed seafood.

On a healthier note, Sabores Gelados have teas including various green teas, fruit teas, Japanese cereal tea, Moroccan tea, and English tea.

A good location and a great choice of drinks. The fresh lemonade comes highly recommended.


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