Salterio teahouse and restaurant – Barcelona

 c/sant domingo de call, 4
Gothic Quarter

If the billowing undulations of sweetly spiced incense lobbying your nostrils doesn’t make you want to take a sabbatical on your buttocks in Salterio, then perhaps the beaming Middle Eastern lady welcoming you as you go through the door as she goes about the business of kneading dough for pides; the free wi-fi; the massive choice of teas; or the cosy Moorish décor will impress you sufficiently to take the weight of your souls and spend an hour or two enjoying a precariously potent Turkish coffee or a proper fresh tea served in a lovely old tea cup.

Inside the lighting is subdued bordering on romantic, a row of random cups hang from the counter as atmospheric Eastern music tinkles magically in the background, like you just entered a secret back room through a beaded curtain in the back of a shop in a Middle Eastern souk.

Occupying a beautiful old building, the atmosphere in Salterio is so gently undulating and soporific, that you can pass what seems like an entire lifetime sipping the freshest mint tea and scoffing down sweetly delicious Moroccan cake. You get the feeling that as long as you enjoyed your fresh tea or pide (a type of Middle Eastern pizza) or whatever, that the smiling staff would gladly let you stay there forever, so long as you were happy.

The staff are proud to share their Middle Eastern comida with you. They seem to genuinely want you to be happy.

The service is slow but time stands still in Salteria, and there is no rush to leave, especially when everyone is so welcoming and atmosphere is so intimate and mellow, you will instantly feel any stress melting from your muscles as you fall into one of the few seats.

I spent an afternoon here with my laptop drinking tea and eating cake. It felt like home after the first hour. The food, the ambience and the staff are all delightful. Excellent vegetarian Moroccan pizza and mint tea. Highly recommended. Nice.
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