Salud vegan buffet – Valencia


Conde Altea, 44

13.30hrs – 16hrs
20.30hrs – 00hrs
(Open every day for lunch but closed Monday night)

Eggs, the flesh of petrified beasts, animal products? –  No, none of that kind of rubbish thanky thanky thank you. The vegan buffet in Valencia is a vegan buffet. Great for vegans. And people who like buffets.

The buffet in question consists of all-you-can-eat Asian stuff, so expect soya bean dishes by the tank full, lots of rice, loads of vegetables, a few spicy sauces, some sushi and enough green tea to take a bath in. Which might be a good idea if you’ve been on the road for long enough. There are loads of dishes to choose from. And it costs under a tenner (a European tenner) to feed yourself up.

You will also find lots of booklets regarding health, animal and planet-conscious concerns such as veganism, recycling and the environment.

The whole ambience of the restaurant is eco-consciousness. The music is relaxing and unobtrusive. The staff are happy to see you and restock the food regularly.

The food in Valencia is far cheaper than in Barcelona. Ok so Barcelona is bigger and more beautiful and more fashionable but Valencia is a gorgeous little city very reminiscent of the Catalan capital but with a more authentic Spanish feel to it.

There are some good options throughout the city for vegetarians.

Salud – which means ‘health’ in Spanish – is a good little spot and a great find if you are a vegan and the thought of another bland Spanish salad with patatas bravas is enough to make you rip your dreadlocks out or set fire to your organic hemp socks. Good stuff really.

Other vegetarian and vegan options in Valencia include Kimpira, La Lluna, The Nature  and Loving Hut.

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