Sand Sculptures on the Beach at Sitges

It's a castle made of sand


While hanging around Sitges for the carnival we took Sweep on the beach for a good run around. He loves the beaches and sadly, from April until October isn’t allowed there so we’re making the most of it now.

You will regularly find people shaping sand sculptures near the church end of the beach but today there was a multitude of artwork on display making a veritable feast of show-offery by sculptors into a money making gallery of skills and photo opportunities.

We’ve all built sand castles in our time but these guys take it to a whole new level adding features such as flaming mouths and nostrils to dragons, waterfalls to castles and even a running wine tap to a bar scene.


A bar scene sculpted from sand in Sitges

They say you should never mix the grape and the grain and I'm sure I heard this barman call, "Tide gentlemen please..."


These things are huge too, some as big as square feet. The ingenuity and skill required to make them is evident and the sculptors sit casually by waiting for the rattle of change before firing a volley of “Muchos gracias, buenos dias” (Thank you very much and good day) to which a reply of, “De nada” (It’s nothing) and a smile is much welcomed.

The sculptures are works of art, make no mistake about that and although the sculptors know a thing about money making from their work (and it is work, they are earning their money, not begging – something I’ll cover in another piece) they are lucky to have forged a career doing something creative in a beautiful place and their products are appreciated by tourists, doubling he pleasure for them no doubt.

Being carnival weekend in Sitges there has been an influx of visitors and judging by the tins, buckets and boxes used for tips, the sand sculptors are doing alright. And fair play to them; art should be appreciated in all capacities. The sculptors spend all day tending to their work and they have discovered a niche market which is inoffensive, entertaining and brightens the landscape a little more. Something more for the kids to marvel at maybe but a great slice of ‘street entertainment’ nonetheless.

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