Sandwich & Friends – Barcelona

Passeig del Borne, 27

Rambla de Cataluña, 5

C/ Madrazo, 15

I visited the branch located on the main drag of El Borne (but with several other locations throughout Barcelona), Sandwich & Friends stands out from its rivals (such as the dreadful Pain & Co) and other poor fastfood choices because of its modern appearance and contemporary philosophy.

The menu consists of over fifty salads, sandwiches and snacks. although when I say fast-food, I’m certainly not referring to the service. The staff is young and trendy but it was several eras before our order was eventually taken, and new methods of propulsion had been discovered by the time the food had arrived. The staff clearly hadn’t got the hang of traditional forms of propulsion.

However, the food was pretty good. We had salads, one with rice and one with chicken (so that I could pick the chicky bits out for Sweep who has teeth that indicate that he is a carnivore and descended from the wolf). The portion sizes were a bit miniscule. You could forgive the eternal wait for the food if the serving was massive – it takes time to wash and slice a hundred tomatoes you know, but they clearly hadn’t utilised the time for that.

Anyway, it was good enough stuff. Generally, we don’t eat in these kinds of places because these kinds of places generally serve the kinds of foods that we generally don’t kind of like. But we sat outside in the sun and drank green tea and made Sweep earn his chicken pieces by performing his full repertoire of moves -which was as cute and endearing as always.

I’d say the sandwiches were above average but not brilliant. The range of choices (in a country obsessed with pork steak, spanish omelette or cheese and ham sandwiches) is amazing. Salad (shared with Sweep) was fairly tasty but nothing worth masturbating over. Sweep concurred but he did give it a big paws up because he got chicken, even if he did have to earn it.

It’s in a good location at the end of El Borne where you can certainly take advantage of the sun’s delicious rays.

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