Sant Joan Funicular Reception, Montserrat, Catalonia

Upon arrival at the top of the Sant Joan funicular you're greeted with incredible views of the Catalonian landscape.


The narrow mountain road snakes along the cliff face far below and offers a great opportunity to see the Montserrat from a different perspective.


On a clear day you can see all the way out to the Mediterranean Sea and Barcelona's Tibidabo is also visible.


There is a modern monument hewn from concrete which overlooks the western end of Montserrat.


To climb it would be one of those vertigo inducing episodes as the tall blocks have no barriers. I opted out of that adventure.


The monument was dedicated to Ramon Llull in 1991 and depicts the Eight Steps to Heaven - a theory I can not fully comprehend and therefore can't explain, except to say that is is based on a 1304 theory which stated that ascension was 4+3 = Deus. Ramon adapted it for reasons unknown and it became 4+4 = Deus (ghost or god). See, makes no sense to me.


This viewing balcony is more subtle than the Llull monument and feels a lot safer.


And when it offers views like this...


...And this; why wouldn't you want to climb?


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