Sesamo vegetarian and vegan restaurant – Barcelona

C/ Sant Antoni Abat, 52
El Raval
Ciutat Vella

Mon 13hrs-17hrs
Wed-Sat 13hrs-17hrs / 20hrs – 01hrs
Sun 20hrs – 01hrs

Sesame is a tiny little restaurant hidden away in deepest darkest Ravel which is the Gothic Quarter’s ugly but up-and-coming sister across the other side of La Rambla. Calle Sant Antoni Abat leads from calle Carne or calle Hospital (if coming from La Rambla) and is close to Sant Antoni market.

Food for your body and your mind is how Sesamo describe their ethos. They use the best seasonal ingredients sourcing organic where possible and combine them to make innovative global cuisine. Main dishes are the likes of lasagne filled with ricotta, spinach and pine nuts which was divine. For sweet afters you can guiltlessly tuck into homemade desserts such as an almond and saffron tart or a super creamy cheesecake.

Interestingly there is a vegetarian tapas menu which will have any vegetarian or vegan who has spent more than seven days in Spain heaving a great sigh of relief.

If you’ve got a dry one on you, then there are organic herbal teas, freshly prepared juices and gorgeous milkshakes made with soy milk that are just gagging to slake your thirst.

The dishes (or platos) are inspired, creative and beautifully presented like miniature objet d’art or surreal sculptures.

The interior is tiny and intimate with small white chairs and tables. A blackboard above indicates what’s available. The walls are exposed bricks. The feel is cosy and informal and you’ll be in no rush to leave.

Vegans and raw foodists will also manage here.

The staff is exceptionally friendly although the service can be fairly slow in a typically Spanish way, but who cares when you know your meal is being prepared from fresh organic ingredients?

It’s always a pleasure to scoff at Sesamo. It comes highly recommended. 

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