Sitges Gets a Makeover for Spring

sitges spring makeover


Come March Sitges begins to flourish again and along the seafront old and haggard paint jobs, railings and signs are getting a sprucing in preparation for the forthcoming holiday season.

In the past two weeks I’ve noticed a sudden increase in activity around the Costa Dorada town; huge teams of government horticulturists have been busy planting new flowers following the clearance of beds, hedges and promenade gardens left in dishevelled condition by winter’s touch.

Indeed Sitges has taken on a quiet tidiness, not unlike a clean shaven face after months of razor avoidance and neglect, which is putting the spice back into the place.

This morning an industrial digger (not ‘Keyman’, Michael) was busy raking stripes across the beaches, cleaning the surface, turning the sand and making them look so much more appealing for the throng of tourists set to land on these shores come April.


Beach sprucing in Sitges

Even the beaches get a good raking over before the holiday season brings hordes of English people to Sitges for sun, sea, sand, bad food and excessive alcohol.


A middle aged man was busy with his brush adding a new lick of paint to the water fonts on the beach too; a skilled hand and an adept at a job he has clearly carried out for years.

Even though spring is just about upon us, Sitges is currently undergoing a man-made spring of its own and the results are almost as appealing as nature’s most beautiful season.

Now, if only we could get them to let dogs on the beaches all year round…

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