Sitges in October – Sweep’s morning walk

Sweep’s morning walk is a priority for us and we like to make sure we get him exercising early in the day. We decided to take him to Sitges this morning so that we could enjoy a walk along the beach and a herbal tea at Café Ohm.

We parked at the north end of the town near the big Carrefour and walked south along the beach wall. We’ve been informed that dogs are not allowed on the beaches in Spain all year round which came as really bad news to us. Apparently fines can reach as high as 300 euros, making dog walkers and car drivers the easiest financial targets for lazy police.

It was interesting to see how the prom had changed from spring and summer to autumn and the square which houses Ohm was quite overgrown, giving it an almost post-apocalyptic look. Sadly Ohm was closed at this time and I was gutted because I fancied one of their awesome vege-burgers.

Post-apocalyptic Sitges. Or just a cold October morning and an untended square.


We continued around the sea front and walked beneath the construction taking place at the main church where the old and very beautifully ornate doors and windows occasionally reveal a glimpse of the lavishly tiled interior; an almost Moorish spectacle.

The sandy beaches begin at the foot of the main church and a woman was leaving the beach with her dog so we asked her if it was ok to take them on. She replied that in the summer it was a bad idea but now that the season is at an end the police don’t seem to bother about it.

Sweep limbering up for a big run on the beach at Sitges.


Cue Sweep’s ecstasy as we let him off the lead, snaking and zig-zagging across the sand like a pup possessed.

There is nothing more joyous than seeing him so excited and the sand beneath his paws seems to energise him in ways that nothing else can.

After a sandwich from the exceptional ‘Enrich‘ and a hot chocolate at ‘Café Sitges‘ we headed back along the beach to Denny, stopping once more for an hour while Sweep played with his new friend on the little sandy beach by the marina.

The church at Sitges is very Moorish. I could eat two or three.


Thankfully, as he played his little heart out the clouds gave way for the sun to drench us in vitamin D and restore some much needed warmth to our bones. Feel good factor 50.

Sitges has many attractions and you wish to explore them and need a hotel please click here to find one.

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