Sitges Open Air Market

Cushions and fabrics for sale at Sitges open air market.


The past few Thursdays we’ve been into Sitges we’ve wandered through the open air market. Now that winter is behind us and the weather is hitting a daily average of 19 degrees, Spain is coming back to life and the market is a sure sign that spring is in the air.

The fare on offer is fairly standard stuff; clothes, perfumes, fruit and veg, drapes, cushions and covers, pet wares, plants and flowers as well as a very nice little bread stall at one end which sells pizza, empanadas, different styles of bread (sliced and whole, sweet cakes and tarts.


Tapestries, bags and other hand made crafts at Sitges open air market

Tapestries, bags and other hand made crafts at Sitges open air market.


I was forced to sample a slice of pizza vegetariano which consisted of a thin crust bread topped with various peppers (picante and roja) and doused in olive oil (aciete olivia). It was immensely tasty and most enjoyable, even cold.

One of the largest stalls sells fresh fruit and vegetables ranging from huge oranges the size of grapefruit to spinach and a whole batch of other lovely greens. One vegetable we’d love to get hold of is Kale, one of the best sources of calcium, and we haven’t been able to find it in Spain at all so if anyone can point us towards some we’d be extremely grateful.


Fruit and veg stall ast Sitges open air market

The fruit and veg stall is a favourite. Look at the size of those oranges...


Prices in the market vary and with Spain’s current financial predicament it seems that some market traders are pushing theirs up. It’s understandable and completely forgiveable as they’re bread line earners trying to maintain a business which has no doubt been a family tradition for decades or longer. It is sad that bad governance has forced the poorest of the nation to pay back the government’s debts. No, it isn’t sad, it’s disgusting.

On a brighter note, both in sentiment and a literal sense, the open air market at Sitges is a busy little place situated just behind the ‘Sitges’ sculpture on Passeig de Vilafranca, very near to the Renfe bridge.

It is open every Thursday between 0900 and 1400 hours although by 1300 some stalls begin to pack up. Get there early for the best bargains from a very colourful and humble little market.

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