Sitges Verdi health food shop – Sitges

C/angel vidal

Siestas 2pm to 5pm.

This is a great little health food shop in central Sitges, not far from the sea and just off the main shopping street of c/Parrellades.

If you are missing your Dr Hauschka and Weleda skincare products or just need to stock up on some healthy raw food ingredients, organic cookies, herbs or supplements, then this will suit you, so long as you don’t mind the grumpy heifer that serves you.

You can pick up stevia here (€8.95 for 50 sticks) or in extract form (50ml €7.50 or 100ml €8.95). And agave syrup – although not raw – I’ve not found that anywhere in Spain in the last year. But it hasn’t broken my heart. Agave is just sugar but slightly better.

It also has a really good range of gluten free products made by Schar, such as pastas, bread rolls and loaves, cookies and cakes. Good news for celiacs.

In addition, there are the typical health food shop supplies eg various flours and pastas, seaweed, muesli, potato chips, tofu burgers, organic oils, soya yogurt, soya milk, oat milk, rice milk and blah blah blah. Nothing you wouldn’t expect to find in a health food shop. A litre of Rice Dream (which is a rare find in Spain) is €2.75; soya milk starts from €1.83 and a litre of Provamel is €1.88.

A fair range of teas include brands such as celestial teas, yogi and lima teas. So if you need sencha – this is a good place to pick some up. Yogi teas cost €3.45 a packet.

Of particular interest to the raw foodies, well almost raw foodies, is the Dr Martins coconut juice which is €3.19 a carton and Sunnyvale sprouted-wheat bread, €2.99.

Organic baby foods and incense and sun tanning products can also be found here. And they stock a massive range of honeys and jars of bee pollen (€7.25/215 grams).

Maybe she’s not a grumpy heifer, maybe she was having a very bad day, had just received some dreadful news, or took an immediate dislike to me – I’m a goth after all. But even goths respond to a smile, you know.

For a friendlier service, try Veritas (10 mins walk away) or the little health food shop in the market (5 mins walk away).

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