Slow Natural Food – Barcelona

c/Valldonzella 33

Monday to Saturday
13hrs – Midnight

I particularly like the line ‘enjoy the images on our screen while we bake your dreams’ that features on their fliers. It’s a nice sentiment, although baked dreams sound a bit dehydrating.

Slow Natural Food serve lunches, snacks and evening meals and specialise in good quality fusion fast-food.

You can choose from three vegetarian-friendly crepes:

Vegetal: soft cheese, lambs lettuce, spinach,  mushroom and sweetcorn; 4 quesos y frutos secos: different types of cheese (four you’d think) plus hazelnuts, pine nuts and peanuts; or a Vegetal al horno which is a baked version of the Vegetal. Prices start from €6.

If you want salad you can have either a Green Slow with lettuce, spinach, sweet corn, strawberries and either pomegranate or tomatoes (dependent on the season) or a Caprese salad that comes with tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto.

They also have soups that all look vegetarian such as cheese and mushroom (which admittedly sounds disgusting – cheese soup?!),a Vichysoisse numer or a tomato and apple gazpacho. Gazpacho is usually vegan as far as I’m aware and is traditionally served cold but it’s worth checking about whether this one is vegan. I don’t want to be tracked down and beaten to death with a brick tofu as a result of you eating dairy for the first time in 50 years.

Drinks are the usual fare: coca cola, water, beer, wine etc. So nothing special.

The atmosphere is modern and café-like.

This is the kind of place you might visit late at night after a night out or inbetween bars. I wouldn’t hunt it down especially, but if you spot it and you’re hungry then it’s worth a visit. Pretty cheap to fill up compared to other places in the area.

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