Smudy Juice Bar

Smudy Arenas
C.C Arenas de Barcelona
Gran Via de Les Corts

Smudy Diagonal Mar
C.C. Diagonal Mar (3rd Floor)
Avda Diagonal 3

Smudy Rambla Catalunya
Rambla Catalunya 124

According to their website, Smudy – a bunch of ex-backpackers – use high-quality natural ingredients to create smoothie sensations inspired by drinks they tasted as they traversed the globe, pack on back.

Their concoctions range from standards such as apple and orange juice; and carrot, orange and apple to more exciting combinations such as a vegetalia – which consists of celery, ginger and apple juice.

They also offer milk smoothies – that can be made with soya milk upon request for vegetarians or those who find lactose completely intolerable, in flavour combinations such as strawberry, yoghurt and milk or a personal favourite, banana, yoghurt, milk and cinnamon. Heavy on the cinnamon please.

They have a small range of what they call functional smoothies whose combinations are intended to a provide energy, augment relaxation or assist with detoxification. The anti-stress amalgamation uses apple juice, orange juice, yoghurt, fresh mint, ginger and valerian to calm you right down, although it’s often difficult to imagine the inhabitants of Barcelona feeling stressed, what with the sun, the sand, the mountains, and the sea and the exceptionally high quality of life.

Other augmentations you can add to your juice or smoothie include ginseng, guarana, ginger, echinacea and protein boosts.

The best thing about Smudys are the fresh wheatgrass shots, which I haven’t found anywhere else in Barcelona, let alone elsewhere in Spain. The wheatgrass gets delivered fresh to the shop each morning. If you haven’t tasted it, it tastes reassuringly disgusting – like licking the blades of a lawnmower but it is said to provide the same benefits that you would gain from eating a pound of green vegetables. It is usually served with a wedge of orange or pineapple to take the repulsive taste away.

A suitable pick-up after illness or a heavy night or if you are committed to a healthy lifestyle, there are sadly still very few smoothie bars in Spain and this one, whilst a welcome addition doesn’t boast the crazy juices you might find in LA, NYC or London, you won’t find green juices or spirulina and they don’t offer rice or nut mylks but one step at a time is a good start.

Definitely better juices than you’ll find in La Boqueria. Healthy and tasty – which is my favourite combination of all time. Yes, ever.

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