Solar Torch with Dynamo Charger

Solar charged torch


What’s the point of a solar torch if you need it in the dark? Alright, enough daftness. My solar torch has been a faithful companion for nearly two years now and has saved me a fortune in batteries. It’s lightweight, around the size of a smart phone and fits snugly in my pack/pocket depending on the adventure.

The back of the torch is all solar panel and when left facing up all day will charge the single CR-2302 battery that powers three very bright but short range LEDs. It’s very useful around the campervan at night or when rummaging through my pack on a camping trip.


Solar torch front end

These three LEDs are bright and powerful at short range and my solar torch is one of the first things on the camping list..


If the weather isn’t great or you deplete the battery it also has a dynamo charger which is powered by a rip cord. A few minutes of RSI inducing pull spasms will give you roughly 30 minutes of use but a full day of solar charging has never left me short.

As I mentioned before, I’ve had my torch for nearly two years now and newer versions are popping up everywhere. I saw one priced at 12euros recently (compared to the 6 euros I paid for mine) which was bulkier, had a winder instead of a rip cord and also had a charge gauge, something I wish mine had.

That said I haven’t really needed one so far and I hope my little illuminating dynamo will stay with me for another few years at least. I’m sure it will and if the battery does begin to diminish it can easily be replaced, adding to its value.


Solar torch with rip cord dynamo charger

The rip cord underneath the torch is genius as it keeps the size requirements small and is less knuckle chafing than a winder.


As one of the first things on the list when I go camping, the solar torch is an absolute must have.

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