Soulfood vegan restaurant and café – Sintra, Near Lisbon

Soulfood vegan restaurant in Sintra - the dining room

Soulfood vegan restaurant and café – Sintra
Volta do Duche 2, Sintra, Portugal

A humble and lovely staff serve up great portions of equally great tasting vegan food.

There is no a la carte menu at Soulfood, just a menu of the day, cakes and drinks. In fact there is no actual menu, the staff will advise you of what they have based on what’s available.

The set menu is €12 and consists of a hearty three courses plus bread, tea and a juice. The three courses consist of a soup (root vegetable or carrot and pumpkin for example); a main course such as brown rice risotto served with pureed lentils, stir fried cabbage and a small side salad or baked potatoes with baked vegetables and side salad ; and the final course is a choice of the likes of apple cake with vegan cream; coconut and almond pudding, pastel de nata (a vegan version of the typical Portuguese custard tart) etc. You get a choice of juice depending on what they have available but a combination of orange, lemon, banana, apple, beetroot, carrot and ginger.

Soulfood vegan restaurant - Sintra (delicious fodder)

You also get a pot of herbal tea and a basket of bread containing dark home-made bread with nuts, rice crackers and corn tortillas and a tasty herbed hummus.

There area choice of areas to enjoy your vast meal including a courtyard / garden (which is so dog friendly that they even supplied young Sweepy with his own organic vegan doggy cookies) and he ran around without his lead); a chill out zone with cushions. The main indoor eating area is elegant and colourful and the bathroom including bath filled with plants looks like it was decorated by Jackson Pollock’s great granddaughter.

Outdoors there is a hammock and quiet spots to eat (except for the loud hip-hip music) and candles burn at night.

Soulfood vegan restaurant - Sintra (the garden)

We spent the afternoon sitting in the sunny garden and eating until we almost popped, so make sure you are thoroughly hungry before you even think of going to Soulfood.

This is a beautiful little spot in an old house in a gorgeous part of Portugal. Other than the hip-hip, completely faultless.

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