Spirito cupcakes & coffee – Braga, The Minho

Espiritu cupcake cafe - chocolate leviathan

Spirito cupcakes & coffee – Braga

Largo S Joao do Souto, 19
Braga, Portugal

Portugal is full of cake shops – on every corner there is at least a padaria or pasteleria and the fare is pretty standard. Pastel de nata (the little custard tarts) are delicious if you get a good quality one made with flaky pastry and served warm with a little cinnamon, but after a while my mind turns to cupcakes.

Espiritu cupcake cafe, inside

Espiritu cupcake cafe, inside

Spirito answered my call and answered it well. It’s an upmarket cake shop and geleteria serving frozen drinks, delicious ice cream, ice-cream smoothies, frappes, coffees, cupcakes, brownies and other assorted awesomeness that doesn’t care if you have to start wearing trousers with an elasticated waistline.

Spirito has a lovely clean air conditioned interior that is ultra modern or a large outdoor decked terrace with comfortable benches and giant plastic floor lamps.

Espiritu cupcake cafe - ice cream milkshakes and cupcake

Espiritu cupcake cafe – ice cream milkshakes and cupcake

We tried the ice cream-based batidos extensively: you pick what flavour ice cream you want from flavours such as vanilla, milk chocolate, passion fruit, mango, stracciatella, forest fruits, maltesers etc and then they mix it with milk for you while you wait.  I managed to try Maltesers, milk chocolate, mango and passion fruit in the two visits (I work hard for the sake of research) and they were all gobsmackingly delicious, although the milk chocolate was possibly the most divine.

The cupcakes come in several flavours such as red velvet, dark chocolate with kit kat and single chocolate. They also have massive cakes available by the giant slice (start looking at elastic-waisted trousers now) and some of the most delicious soft and chewy brownies known to man.

Espiritu cupcake cafe in Braga - interior

Espiritu cupcake cafe in Braga – interior

I love Spirto – it might not be traditionally Portuguese but the standard of food is exceptional, the atmosphere modern and light and the staff are lovely.  I accidentally redecorated the interior by throwing my milkshake up the wall (funny how half a litre of fluid miraculously turns into several gallons when spilt) and the staff were very lovely and cleaned up and immediately made me a new milk shake.

Espiritu cupcake cafe - red velvet cupcake

Espiritu cupcake cafe – red velvet cupcake

Lovely and English is spoken. We took our doggies on the terrace and no one seemed to mind. Paradise for sugar junkies. Terrible for dieters.

Espiritu cupcake cafe – gone

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