Stoke Bar & Restaurant – Barcelona


Banys Nou 8

Right in the very centre of Barcelona’s El Gotico, Stoke bar has a little bit of something for everyone, well for some of everyone at least.

Not only does it have free wireless internet, but also holds cult movie nights where you can watch the likes of Y Tu Mama Tambien, Fight Club, Amores Perros, Chopper, Rocky Horror and A Clockwork Orange.. and the likes. These are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights from 8pm.

The rest of the time they show surf and travel documentaries and offer a lunchtime and evening menu of food that they claim is sourced directly from the nearby Boqueria – Spain’s most famous food market on La Rambla. They also serve some welcome – or unwelcome, depending on your point of view – home style dishes such as Marmite on toast, beans on toast, sausage sandwiches and classy things of that ilk.

In addition, they organise trips all over Spain and to other nearby countries and party nights throughout the city of Barcelona itself.

Stoke Bar is an international bar and so don’t be surprised if you hear more English, American, Dutch and German accents than you do catalan or castillano. It has a hostelly vibe, so if – like me – you prefer something a little more authentic and a little less raucous and ‘fun’ with a party atmosphere, then go elsewhere.

They do have internet though and if you are missing the sound of an English or American voice (etc), and would like to join up with some likeminded folk – then this is the exact place for you.

There is a lovely outdoor spot sandwiched between several buildings, if you don’t’ like the atmosphere inside to enjoy your beans on toast and coffee.

The prices are very reasonable and the ambience is lively. Go if you like to party. Don’t go if you don’t.


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