Straddling the English Channel with DFDS Seaways

I’d spent the week leading up to my departure in a state of self-psyching; preparing myself for the estimated 1200 miles of open road which would take me south through England, across the solitary plains of rural France and down the Costa Brava to Sitges and the sunshine.

It was going to be quick; it had to be as too much time had been lost in the UK to bad purchases and building a home on wheels from scratch.

My first obstacle was going to be the 24 miles of water that separates England from France and as things were tight I needed to find the cheapest solution out there. With some rummaging about on the internet and a salvo of questions to forums I was guided towards DFDS Seaways, formerly Norfolk Line.



DFDS offer very cheap ferry crossings which run 12 times per day between Dover and Dunkirk. Booking in advance will land you a one way ticket for as little as £38.00 which when compared to the competition seems almost nothing. There are no hidden costs like Ryan Air for instance, so what you see on the screen is what you pay.

I booked an late night / early morning crossing, scheduled for around 4am to keep my costs low and did all the required ticket printing before leaving.

My journey took a lot less time than I’d anticipated but after speaking to the very nice office staff at Dover I was given an earlier crossing at no extra cost. I had to wait for an hour before roll call and the office staff kindly gave me a parking permit so I could grab an hour’s sleep.

I didn’t sleep but I was at least relaxed in my cosy double bed with memory foam mattress so when I heard the calls for our departure I casually drove to the queue and was ushered on board with no hassle at all.

I was deposited on French soil around 2 ½ hours later where my initial quest would be to find some sleep.

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