Su Gabinete Natural health food shop – Marbella

c/Nuestra Senora de Gracia, 4

To be honest with you this is a very small shop with far less stock and ambience than Herboristeria La Fuente de Salud which is a one minute walk away.

It sells a small range of herbs, a few types of milk substitutes, a few teas and things, but has nothing like the range at my new favourite shop in Marbella.

The only reason I’d shop here was if Herboristeria La Fuente de Salud was closed or disappeared. Even the service was less friendly.

The reason I’ve included this store is because it’s good to have a back up, although it’s a poor substitute and because they also do colonic irrigation (also known as colon hydrotherapy. Costs are €98 per session or €255 for three sessions)

They do have a few random items such as gluten free breads and crackers and they sell pastas and have a chilled cabinet with a few drinks and things. They also sell 2 litre bottles of kombucha for a pricey €10 plus.

This is an ok shop. Nothing special with no specialist items I was after. I’m surprised it hasn’t gone out of business due to its proximity to the way superior Herboristeria La Fuente de Salud that you can walk to in several minutes. I’m yet to try the colonics as I can’t afford them. As soon as I’ve raised the money I’ll be straight on the hose and will report back here when that happens. The sooner the better.


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