Suis chocolateria, cafeteria and ice cream parlour – Gracia, Barcelona

Suis cafe in Gracia, Barcelona

Suis xocolateria, cafeteria, gelateria – Gracia, Barcelona
Travessera de Gracia, 151

Suis xocolateria, cafeteria I gelateria (chocolate shop, café and ice cream) in Gracia, Barcelona is of absolutely no help if you are trying to keep the amount of sugar that you imbibe down to a modicum or less. Dirty, dirty chocolatey sweet things We’d all be a lot healthier and a little richer without them. If you can give them a wide berth, in the name of your health – do it, but let’s face it, not all vegetarians are healthy – some live off soya burgers, chips and vegan cupcakes. Or sometimes you might just want the occasional ‘treat’ or diversion from your usual pathway.

Suis Cafe is just the place to head for if you are after that sugary diversion. Whether you want croissants, brownies, granizados, hot chocolates, hot chocolates with large fatty crowns of cream (Swiss), crumbly tarts, fresh tasting cookies, chocolate con churros (doughnut strips that you dip into super thick and rich Spanish-style hot chocolate), crepes, Belgian waffles or just some plain old boring chocolate. Then good old Suis have all of that and more.

If you are still remaining on the healthy wagon  then Suis also sell freshly prepared fruit juices and a number of salads with a couple of their options suitable for vegetarians.

Crepes come in savoury or sweet varieties.

Suis is a large and modern space uncharacteristic of Gracia but there is plenty of room there and lots of options on the menu. It would be a good place to go if you have miniature humans beings in your group so long as you are prepared to cope with the sugar highs and intolerable behaviour after your visit.

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