Supermarkets in Sitges

There are a number of supermarkets (supermercados) in Sitges. Some of them in the centre of town and others, a short drive away. Here’s some basic info about each. See individual websites for more information.

Veritas organic superrmarket
Passeig Vilafranca, 18

Monday – Saturday: 09:15hrs – 21:15hrs
Sunday: 09:00hrs – 15:00hrs

My favourite because I can get healthy stuff and organic meat for my four-legged son, big bags of unsalted chips, and much more health related food and household products. Read all about Veritas here.

Find out more about vegan and vegetarian food in Sitges.

Calle Salvador Meravent,
(directly beneath the market)

Monday – Saturday: 09hrs – 21hrs

Centrally located, Mercadona has a pretty good range of most things. Fresh bread, fruit and vegetables along with everything you’d expect to find in a supermarket. It’s quite a big store for being so central.

Centre Comercial Oasis
(Central Sitges)

10:00hrs to 21:00hrs

Caprabo has a good range of medium-to-good quality produce. It’s a popular supermarket that you will encounter throughout Spain (aka Eroski). This is a small city-centre store. For more choice, jump in your car or van and head to the superstore below.

Calle Parcella, 15
Polygon Industrial Park
(five minutes drive from Sitges)

See above. This is a much larger store with a great range. It’s a bit like Tesco in the UK, or Trader Joes in the US for quality.


C/ de la Devesa
(five minutes drive from central Sitges)

Monday to Saturday 09:15hrs to 21:15hrs
Sunday until 14:30hrs

Carrefour is probably the best quality supermarket in Spain, unless you can afford to shop at El Corte Ingles. Generally Carrefour is well stocked, however this small inner city store has a limited stock. It’s not tiny but it’s not one of the huge hangars that has an organic section and sells domestic goods. This store sells food, fresh bread, fresh meat and fish and domestic goods. Fine for picking up fruit and vegetables, baked beans, marmite (at a premium) and everything you might need for general catering.


C/ Dels Drets Humans, 5-7
08870 Sitges

Monday to Thursday: 09:15hrs – 21:15hrs
Saturday: 09:15hrs – 21:15hrs
Sunday: 10:00hrs – 14:00hrs

I’m not a fan of Aldi because I’m an utter food snob. But it is cheap and if that’s all your budget allows, then it’s better than starving to death, just about.


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You can look for other vegetarian, vegan and raw-food information in Spain by going to our Food section.


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