Taberna Los Javieres – Cabo Pino, Near Marbella, Spain


Puerto Cabo Pino
Near Marbella

Needing a break from our own food and having taken a late walk along the gay beach at Cabo Pino, we went towards the group of touristy apartments and restaurants that line the port.

‘Exquisite tapas’ read the sign, and in our infinite stupidity, we were sucked in on that promise. Sadly, exquisite is not an adjective I’d employ to delineate the tapas we received.

We ordered pretty much the only vegetarian things you ever seem to get on menus in Spain, ie patatas bravas (spicy potatoes), bread and tortilla.

The patatas bravas were ok – they seemed to be cooked from fresh potato rather than from a frozen packet, but they weren’t quite cooked enough. The bread was ever-so-slightly stale and the potato tortilla was some of the worst Spanish omelette we’d tried in all our time in Spain. The portion was thin, the consistency was dry and the taste was barely a taste. Very disappointing.

On a positive note, the service was good and the outdoor terrace was very pleasant and allowed us to sit with young Sweep without feeling like social lepers for being friends of a dog.

I’d been tempted to the tapas bar by the chocolate cake, but was unimpressed with the tapas and therefore gave up on the desserts being any better.

The food here wasn’t dreadful and they probably cater for tourists who are unlikely to revisit and so the quality doesn’t need to be exceptional.

I’d go here again and might even eat the patatas bravas if I was really desperate for something to eat.


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