Taking the Renfe Train from Sitges to Barcelona

Sitges train station - the Renfe

The lovely Renfe (train station) at Sitges. Blue skies help of course.


Sometimes it doesn’t pay to take the van everywhere so on occasion we turn to public transport to fulfil our travel needs. The van was parked up outside the Mossos station we felt it was in a safe location. You might think it strange to talk about ‘safety’ but Catalonia is a hotbed of petty crime which stretches to vehicle break-ins and even theft.

The Mossos station is ten minutes walk from the Renfe station (Spain’s national rail network) and white walls with yellow edges and borders welcome you to the cool interior where automated ticket vendors and gates await.

The return journey to Estacio de Franca (Barcelona’s more northerly station) from Sitges currently costs 7.20 euros and the trains run every 20 minutes.

The route takes around 40 minutes and along the way you are treated to wonderful vistas of the Mediterranean Sea, Parc del Garraf, Gaudi’s “Guell Cellar”, Castelldelfells, El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona’s main airport) and further along the way there are glimpses of the majestic and unique Montserrat.

Nearing the centre of Barcelona the Renfe dips underground and the rest of the journey is spent by the light of the train and occasional emergency light.


Estacio de Franca, Barcelona

The platforms at Estacio de Franca, Barcelona - a beautiful old train station.


At Estacio de Franca you are greeted by high wrought iron arches and ceilings which elegantly filter sunlight onto the concourse. The main lobby is a wonderful example of architecture from a time when love and care was evident in people’s craft. High domes and marble are the order of the day and even in a city that gets as hot as Barcelona it remains quite cool.

Stepping outside the station you are within spitting distance of Parc de la Cuitadella and its many delights (I do not include the zoo among those) and for refreshment there is El Born with its cafés, bars and restaurants which sit either side of the tree shaded street.

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