Tamarit Castle, Tamarit, Tarragona

Tamarit Castle
In a stunning location on a promontory that divides two idyllic beaches a short drive from Tarragona you will find Castell de Tamarit (Castle Tamarit).
Sadly, you only seem to be able to admire Castell de Tamarit from the outside as the inside appears to be a venue for posh meals and ponsey weddings for spoilt Spaniards and ossifying corporate events. However, the exterior and location are so beguiling, it won’t bother you much.
To arrive at Castell de Tamarit you can either go by vehicle (it’s a short drive from Tarragona) or from Barcelona get the train towards Tarragona and get off at  Altafulla (1 hour approx) or take the train from Tarragona one stop to Altafulla (5 mins).  From the station head towards the beach and then look to your right.
The beach at Altafulla is broad and clean and white and not too heavily populated. The town of Altafulla is small and pretty with an attractive promenade for promenading and slurping ice cream, granizados, beer, coffee or whatever your poison is.
Tamarit Castle, Altafulla


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