Tarifa – a gem on the Costa de la Luz, Andalucia

Tarifa at night, Costa de la Luz, Andalucia


Tarifa lies at the southern most point of the Iberian Paninsula and Western Europe along the beautiful Costa de la Luz in Andalucia. On the surface it is a bustling town that serves as a portal to Morocco via the Catamaran service to Tanger, but under the skin is a very forward thinking place with a terrific energy about it.

The old quarter to the east of the town is a beautiful place and the narrow back streets are brimming with cafes, bars, tabernas and other more eclectic shops. There are some 47 hostels and hotels in a very small area which makes it a very accommodating place.

Tarifa is to all intents and purposes a surf town but thinking of it as only that is to do it a great disservice; it is a spiritual Mecca.

There is something about the place that instantly grips you. Whether it be the plethora of interesting looking characters stepping off the catamaran or the kite surfing crowd at the golden sand beach, there is a vibe that instantly makes you feel at home. The lazy pavement culture so prevalent across Spain is at home here too and it forms part of the ethos of Spanish living.


The catamaran service from Tarifa to Tanger

The catamaran service from Tarifa to Tanger


Considering its proximity to the Costa del Sol, Tarifa is a million miles away from that horrendous hullabaloo and is a far more sophisticated destination. Perhaps it’s because the general populace seem to be much younger than in neighbouring cities that Tarifa feels like a new age town rather than a seaside resort.

The surrounding hills are a great venue for hikers and mountain bikers whereas the beaches and high winds form a terrific arena for kite and wind surfers.

The bars and cafes are forward thinking too with lots of vegetarian options on the menus as well as healthier alternatives on the beverage front at many (Kombucha at Bamboo for instance) which make it very appealing to the holistic hedonists out there.

The beautiful white walled town of Tarifa is one of those absolute must-sees and if you’re feeling the urge to indulge in a stay there you could book a hotel by clicking here. 

Read about the kite surfers at Tarifa beach, take a look at Bamboo in pictures or investigate La Isla de las Palomas. 

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