Tarifa to Tangier by Ferry or Catamaran

The FRS catamaran bound for Tangier from Tarifa, Costa de la Luz, Andalucia

The FRS catamaran bound for Tangier from Tarifa, Costa de la Luz, Andalucia


The one thing that should bring more people to Tarifa is the option to travel to Tangier in Morocco from the port. Neighbouring Algeciras; a soulless, grim looking port town, takes care of most traffic between North Africa and Spain so Tarifa gets a pretty good deal out of it – it isn’t being spoilt by over-commercialisation.

There are two options for travelling to Tangier out of Tarifa.

By far the busiest operator is FRS who run six crossings per day on their Jet Line ferries which take roughly one hour and two catamaran crossings per day which take 35 minutes. Both cater for vehicles and foot passengers.

Crossings start at:

09:00 with subsequent journeys at 11:00, 13:00, 17:00, 19:00 and the final crossing of the day is at 21:00.

Prices per adult for an open return, no vehicle paying on the day cost around 63.00 euros but cheaper rates can be arranged by booking in advance.

The other ferry operator running from Tarifa to Tangier is Comarit who run two crossings per week and cater for vehicles as well as foot passengers.


Prices start at: 

35.00 euros per adult (31.00 + 4.00 ‘issuance fee’)

14.00 euros per child (aged 2-13)


Vehicles cost:

86.00 euros for a car

135.00 euros for a van/campervan

31.00 for a motorbike

31.00 for a push bike (stupidly enough)


For more info on FRS go to http://www.frs.es/en/tarifa-tanger-line/home.html

For more info in Comarit go to http://www.comarit.es


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