Teatre Principal, Arenys de Mar

Teatre Principal, Arenys de Mar




Esglesia 45-47

Arenys de Mar




Tucked away in the folds of Arenys de Mar is the charming little Teatre Principal, a normal looking building from the outside with nothing but a few banners to give its identity away.

The theatre was closed in 1999 for a number of years due to substandard safety equipment and fears that the roof didn’t meet building standards. In October 2002 work began on its inauguration and restoration work began to make it a thriving and popular venue for theatre enthusiasts, all thanks to the Hope Choral Society.


Banners at Teatre Principal, Arenys de Mar

The banners at Teatre Principal, Arenys de Mar are the only giveaway to its true identity.


The word restoration should be used lightly as the work entailed a complete demolition of the old building save for its facade and a whole new, modernised theatre was built in its place.

In July 2005 the work, carried out by the Spanish building company, Juanes SA, was complete and the opening play at its inauguration was a recreation of a comedy written by Joseph M. Arnau who had enjoyed great success at the venue 150 years previously.


Inside Teatre Principal, Arenys de Mar

Inside Teatre Principal, Arenys de Mar


The original theatre was built in 1828 and is still technically the oldest in Catalunya. A commemorative plaque in the main lobby confirms this fact.

The theatre is currently showing a play called “Murky Mirrors”.

A full roster of shows runs throughout the year and for further details you can visit the Teatre Principal website by clicking here. 

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