Teresa Carles vegetarian restaurant – Barcelona

C/ Jovellanos, 2
El Raval

09hrs – 00hrs Monday to Saturday

A professional staff run Teresa Carles – formerly known as Unicornius – a vegetarian restaurant at the top of El Raval, with commensurate aplomb and appeal.

It’s a large and absolutely clean but pleasant space – exposed brickwork, wooden or tiled floors, a stainless-steel workplace where they prepare juices, teas and salads. The lighting isn’t too bright. There’s a large square table as you go in where you can eat takeaway foods or drink takeaway drinks. Beyond that is the restaurant. It’s the kind of place that impresses. You are going to be fed well here you think to yourself.

To start with the menu del dia costs €9.50 and includes a choice of onion and egg soup or mixed salad followed by mixed vegetable stew; or couscous with seitan and vegetables; or sauted vegetables with mushrooms and tahini; or pasta of the day.

The menu of the day does not include bread, drinks or desserts.

From the a la carte menu, firstly there is a choice of salads – blimey O’Reilly! Such as Cabra which contains rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, nuts, hot goat cheese and a honey vinagrete; Algas: leaves, cabbage, mixed algae, mushrooms and soya dressing; Espinacs y Brie: spinach, membrillo, hot brie and fig dressing; fruta y vitaminas: lettuce, endive, tomatoes, avocado, seasonal fruit and strawberry dressing and lots of others. You can also – which is quite exciting – make your own salad using a selection of ingredients. You choose between an individual dish or to share and then whether you want five or ten ingredients. These cost between €8.50 and €12.50. Ingredients are a selection of leaves, cheeses, tempeh, Tofu, pasta, seaweed, sprouts, nuts and seeds, mango, avocado, and generic salad ingredients. Dressings are extra (€1.50) and include options such as balsamic reduction, yogurt, mustard and honey, romesco, carrot and tomato, pesto or soya mayo.

They also have a sharing (para picar) menu with prices starting from €5.50.

Main dishes start from €9.70 and include vegetable lasagne, pappardelle with red pesto, beetroot tatin, seitan burger with cheese and home-made fries, risotto or noodles with mushrooms and seaweed.

Desserts start from €4 for kefir with nuts and cane sugar to €6 for matcha ice cream or €6.50 for chocolate and nut mousse cake with hot chocolate and figs.

They have a range of juices which cost between €3.50 and €4.50 dependent on the size.

I made my own salad (lazy fuckers) and had a Popeye juice (spinach, fennel, apple and orange).

Both were delicious.

They are also open for breakfast and brunch.

Menu items suitable for vegans and ceoliacs are marked.

Atmosphere is good. The lighting doesn’t make you feel like you are being interrogated for crimes against humanity and the old fashioned music is a bonus.

Downside: the salad (individual) could have been a bit bigger – half the size again really and they had no sprouts whatsoever. I demand to have some sprouts!

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