Terra Sana vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurant – Malaga

vegetarian friendly restaurant - Costa del Sol

Alcazabilla, 7, opposite Albeniz cinema
Near Alhambra

Terra Sana in Malaga is a godsend – having spent the last few weeks living off bad quality junk food and the likes I was toxically overloaded – so finding somewhere that sells juices, serves drinks with soya milk and organic teas – was something of a revelation. I think tears actually formed in my eyes when I took the first sip of carrot, beetroot, celery and apple juice. I had been weak and this juice signified a potential return to healthy eating and possibly even feeling good about myself.

So, beginning with the juices available at Terra Sana you can choose from the following lovey amalgamations:

Zinger: apple, carrot, orange and ginger / Pura Vida: carrot, beetroot, apple and celery / Melon Star: melon, apple and lemon / Exotica: pineapple, pear and strawberry or you can create your own personalised juice from your favorites. I went straight in for the Pura Vida with a bit of ginger. The juice was smallish for €3.90 but it was tasty as fuck and I felt like I immediately benefited from its raw goodness. It had been a while since I had eaten anything other than white bread, heavily sugared cake or hot chocolate. Tasting this juice was like experiencing the first caress of Spanish sun after a long dark English winter.

Terra Sana have smoothies such as the Vitalizer: orange juice, pineapple, kiwi and passion fruit or the Melonisimo with apple juice, melon, banana and frozen yogurt. Smoothies are €3.90 and sadly most come with some sort of sorbet – but you can always ask for one without.

Marvellously, Terra Sana  also have supplements you can add to your drink such as vitamin C, aloe vera, ginger, spirulina, wheatgerm, lecithin, bee pollen, echinacia, calcium or wheatgrass. No doubt delivered in small quantities but available all the same. Each additional ingredient will cost you 80c.

If you are after hot drinks you can get fair-trade coffees and chocolates made with soya milk and a range of good quality organic teas and infusions and a Moroccan tea made with fresh mint.

Terra Sana have delicious lassis made with organic yogurt (they do contain sugar). You can choose from mango, peach, melon, lemon, berries or banana.

The menu has vegetarian and vegan dishes clearly marked and includes salads, tapas such as hummus and nachos, really tasty quesadillas, vegan samosas and edamame.

There is a large outdoor terrace near a lovely tree-filled square which means young Mr Sweep – our four-legged contemporary – gives it a furry paws up. From the terrace you have lovely views of the Alhambra.

Recommended for the fruit salad on the breakfast menu, the juices and lassis. Friendly service too.

fruit salad

Fruit me up!

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